Willow Rejects Nina, Doesn’t Believe She’s Her Mom!

General Hospital Spoilers are outraged that Willow Tate is not only mourning the death of his mother, Harmony Miller,

Harmony revealed to Carly that Nina Reeves  was Willow’s real mother. Nina had been comatose at the time her baby was born and hadn

Her mother, Madeline Reeves  didn’t want to share the family fortune with Nina or her children so she drugged Nina. Nina actually gave birth to twins

And the other baby grew up to be Nelle Benson. Harmony believed that Nina would suffocate Willow with her love and begged Carly to keep quiet.

If Willow's health continues to deteriorate, Carly will probably not be able to keep Harmony's secrets.

If Willow doesn't want to do anything with her, Nina Nell may take some of her emotional inclinations.

He must, like Nell, blame Carly for all the mistakes in his life.