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Stephen A. Smith raged against Will Smith for slapping Chris Rock, but he had the wrong Will Smith

Although he’s the face of ESPN, Stephen A. Smith rarely just sticks to sports. That was on full display Sunday night when he forced his way ...

Social media and the entertainment world came to a screeching halt when Will Smith stepped on stage at the Oscars

walked up to Chris Rock and slapped the comedian across the face for telling a joke about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith.

The incident created one of the most stunning moments in live television history.

Debates flew as to whether the slap was real, and if it was, who deserved more blame? Rock for insulting Jada Pinkett Smith, or the King Richard star for slapping Rock?

And when there is debate, Stephen A. Smith will make his way to the party. The First Take host went on Twitter and lashed out at Will Smith’s quarrel with Rock.

Unfortunately, he joined thousands of others on Twitter in attacking the wrong Will Smith.

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