The Young and the Restless : The real reason why Diane is back

Diane herself says that the only reason she came back was because she wanted to reconnect with her son Kyle.

All Y&R viewers are skeptical that there is much more to it

Diane has been missing from the canvas for almost 20 years. Nikki Newman killed Diane in self-defense. Everyone believed that Diane was dead.

Recently, Diane has returned. He revealed that while he was not dead, Deacon Sharpe helped him orchestrate this fake death.

Fans believe that Diane may want to reconnect with Kyle, but that is not the case. He may want to win Jack back.

Recent The Young and the Restless speculate that summer is on its way back, and she may be pregnant

Diane is back so, Diane could be the villain in her story.

Whatever the case may be, The Young and the Restless suggests that some very dramatic story is coming to the soap opera.

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Reconnecting with Kyle is true in Diane's Y&R. After a while, Kyle takes a huge step to forgive his mother.

There will be a difficult dilemma in the summer; Doubts about Diane on the one hand. On the other hand, to support Kyle and make him happy.

Phyllis needs help to get Diane out of the city of Genoa, and with the help of summer, they will be able to do that.

Phyllis ’plot could create a wedge between Kyle and Summer while strengthening her bond with Diane.