The Young And The Restless: Summer Doesn’t Like Diane, Breakup In Works?

The Young and the Restless Spoiler suggests that there are some big issues ahead for Summer and Kyle Abbott in the coming days.

If the latest spoilers are believed, their relationship is likely to be in jeopardy and it will all be due to Diane Jenkins.

All the mom drama going on in Kyle's life will lead to their breakup. How will things roll out?

If something like this happens, Kyle may not be able to take it. No matter what Kyle says, The Young and the Restless viewers know

that Kyle has a blind spot in his mind for Diane. And he wants to see the good in her. But if summer starts to go against Diane,

she won't be able to take it. Sky's gears will shift and this seems to cause new problems there. According to the latest spoiler,

there are new hiccups coming. Who would Kyle choose if he had to?The young and the restless viewers who keep up with the soap

know that Diane has just returned to the city of Genoa, and has some very specific purpose.

She wants to build her family with Jack and Kyle and she will do anything for it.

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