The Young and the Restless Next 2 Weeks: Victor’s Dangerous Vow 

Y&R jokes in the next two weeks that Victor Newman will make a dangerous promise - and Billy Abbott will be an instant bomber as Jill Abbott worries.

Jill will be back at the launch party and back in town In the week of June 6-10, Ashland Lock will finally get the reunion he had hoped for.

Victoria Newman will decide to stop fighting her feelings and work with Ashland because she still loves him deeply.

As Victoria will cut ties with her family and resign from her position of co-CEO at Newman Enterprise.

We'll see Victor do something brave, so Victoria and Ashland should be ready for an answer.

That’s why Nick later opened his mouth to Sharon Rosales and expressed his frustration. Sharon will be there for Nick in his time of need.

Speaking of being close to people, Imani Benedict will be very close to Net Hastings for comfort - at least in Elena Dawson's view.

Sharon will hug Tessa and Maria as they begin their wedding chapter back home, but a surprise is created that will throw "Teriyah" to get a loop.

It will probably resonate on Billy's podcast so that Lily can finally reach her breaking point.

As Devon Hamilton (Brighton James) prepares for the launch party, he will try to get used to the idea of ​​power sharing and compromise.

Jill thinks Lily is ready for Billy, so she never wants to see him break up her relationship and leave the train again.

We have to say that Jill will be back in Genoa City for a remodeling launch party, so this merger will bring some VIPs and voice.

Imani is an attractive woman who knows what she wants, so she will definitely create a lot of problems in some way.

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