The Young and the Restless : May 23 Preview – Diane & Ashland Bond

First, Ashland will meet Diane in the park and see that they both have a bad day.

However, Ashland will soon find out that they have a lot in common when Diane admits she is Kyle Abbott's mother.

Diane and Ashland are both pairs, so there will be good reasons to connect them.

Ashland has a fake lung cancer and Diane fake it with her death, so they are separated - especially as they both try to make up for what they lost.

Ashland can hope that if Diane progresses, she will be able to persuade Kyle to let her see Harrison Abbott after the new ban.

Diane should be aware of the alliance with Ashland - the only person in town she hates the most. If Y&R wants to go there, Ashland and Diane can have a love affair.

Michael will come up with a solution that will drive Ashland out of town, so Victor will really love that name.

In public, Net Hastings (Shawn Dominic) will interrupt a heated debate between Amanda Sinclair and Imani Benedict.

It could be about the life of a new Benedict because he had problems in the past.

Although Nate may now be part of a global corporation, he may offer some medical advice and may be closer to Imani in the process.

Young and the Restless Spoiler says Elena Dawson needs to keep an eye on Imani if ​​she wants to keep her love strong!