The Young and The Restless Mariah/Tessa Wedding Preview

Camerin urges Grimes about Young and Restless Maria and Tessa ending their marriage.

Usually, this kind of thing creates excitement, so people wonder if someone is going to try to stop the show or if something is going to go wrong at the last minute. It is about celebrating love and health and family. "

Grimes remembers. “Maybe a murder mystery, or a concert… so at the end of the day, the 70s theme is part of it all.

It allows everyone, not just us, to dress and be happy. Maria and Tessa would have been very organized about that. "

Now that Maria's family has embraced Tessa, it is not as if you have someone close to you who will support you. "

Grimes says. "It's also nice to have a soul like Ray, because he's the one who made Crystal's presence happen."

Grimes hopes they love every minute of the event. “Take and enjoy all the delicacies,” she encourages. "

It’s so much fun, and I think that’s what fans expect! "