diane jenkins young and the restless

Soaps usually bring characters “back from the dead” when their body hasn’t been found—not when they’ve been killed on-camera and there’s a corpse!

But it’s not unheard of as The Young and the Restless is showing with the March 23 return of Diane Jenkins

The character was killed by Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) in self-defense back in 2011, but clearly Diane is very much alive as viewers can attest!

Susan Walters, who played Diane from late 2001 to 2004 and again briefly in early 2010, is back in the role, which was last played by Maura West (now Ava on General Hospital).

Walters says that she nearly missed the call that came in late last year to bring Diane back to Genoa City.

“It came as a surprise,” Walters tells TV Insider. “You know how voice texts can mispronounce words? I got one that said, ‘Hey, this is Tony Morina from ‘Wine Art’—not ‘Y&R.’

I didn’t pay much attention to it as Tony [Y&R’s executive producer] wasn’t there 20 years ago when I joined, but we had met since.

At first I ignored it, but then I listened to the message. I told Tony later, ‘What if I hadn’t listened to that message?!’ He said, ‘Well, we would have reached out to you again.’”

Walters knew that Diane was deceased, but the actress didn’t hesitate when Morina offered her the role back. “I said, ‘Sounds good.’