General Hospital's Joshua Benard Returns as Adam: Maurice Benard's Son

Joshua Benard brings Adam back to General Hospital to connect with Jocelyn in a completely different way.

During the May 1 edition of his mental-health vlog State of Mind,

Maurice Benard told fans at General Hospital that his son Joshua would be back on the show that month, like Adam.

That Jasleen's great classmate, who made something so big. If not good, impress. But the teenager reappeared on Friday,

Although Adam won the hearts of not only Joss but also the audience with his tactical arrival,

However, the game remained for the sake of something that the troubled filmmaker Saban wanted to throw at him.

"I have my own confidence, but if you were like, 'Maybe he'll make it,' or 'Maybe he'll succeed later,' it would be a little less.

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