england schools minimum week length

All schools in England will have to open for at least 32.5 hours a week, under government plans due to be published this week.

Schools in England will have to offer a minimum school week of 32.5 hours as part of a package of reforms aimed at raising standards

Most schools already deliver a 32.5 hour school week, which is equivalent to 8.45am to 3.15pm from Monday to Friday.

However, the government believes there are discrepancies across the country, since 20 minutes less teaching time a day equates to a loss of two weeks of schooling a year.

However, teaching unions said they were “unconvinced by the benefits” of introducing a minimum length for school weeks since Department

Geoff Barton, the general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL), said it was important to understand the reasons why some schools have fewer hours,

He said: “Adding time on to the school week may sound straightforward, but there are many issues which need to be considered in individual schools..

Paul Whiteman, the general secretary of school leaders’ union National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT), was sceptical that adding under 20 minutes to the school day

Labour criticised the plans for being too limited in scope to tackle the scale of the problems with educational standards, with 200,000 primary age children...