draco season with the bookbag tiktok

Draco Season With the Bookbag does not have any special meaning but is a song that was released in 2017 by Future.

With no special meaning behind the song, it looks like people have been using a short snippet of it just to bring back the famous song back for attention.

As per Distractify, the trending song was made by a user named @SimplySaturnn. While some have just been using the song as background music

This trend is quite similar to the song lyric text prank that several people had been trying last year. In it, people would choose a song they would like, for instance, Perfect by Ed Sheeran..

The prank starts with posting a line from the lyrics and then waiting for a response. Once you have a reply, you have to continue to the text by following it with the second line

Most often than not, people are not able to catch up with the music and assume the sender is sending random text messages and that’s where the entire joke lies.

A couple of people have also tried the trend on celebrities and some of them have been lucky enough to get replies.

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