Chris Van Etten Is Leaving: General Hospital Spoilers

Unfortunately for Terry, filmmaker Chris Van Atten is leaving General Hospital on his way out of Chat Port Charles.

A setside source said the story should be shortened because Van Atten was from California with his family.

A real military veteran joined GH in November 2017, and created confusion among fans as there was already a writer named Chris Van Atten.

In May 2022, Chet found an amazing job in Chicago and Amy applied for a divorce with her brother Terry.

Terry begged him not to give up his dream job, so it looks like he will be leaving Port Charles and the role will never be rebuilt.

In June 2021, Van Atten shared a photo of himself on Instagram that laid the foundation for a new house yet to be built.

"It doesn't seem like much yet, but we'll call it home soon," he announced.

“After more than 12 years in California, that chapter is coming to an end. I look forward to returning with my family.

Please join us to wish Van Atten and his family the best of luck in this new chapter of their lives.

And who knows, she'll probably be going to California from time to time so Amy can get a visit from her brother!

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