BTS concert India - Ticket Price, Venue, Date

The news about the popular  South Korean Boy Band BTS likely to hold their concert in India has left their Indian BTS Army fans in frenzy.

With the concert rumors beginning to circulate, music aficionados’ are working out the costings of hosting a BTS concert in India and why the K Pop band will pick the nation for its concert venue.

It is known that the BTS concert tickets are the most expensive tickets sold,  and could range anywhere from $242 which equals approximately Rs 18,000 in India

While the cost of the premium tickets, which include seats near the stage is around $7875 which equals Rs. 5,85,856. .

Not just checking the feasibility of the ticket pricing, the companies which conduct the concerts on behalf of the K-Pop bands will anyways undertake thorough market research about the venue.

In an early feasibility projection, if it ever happens, the ticket pricing might be at a minimum of Rs. 5K to Rs.10K, which is much lower than the cost of tickets abroad.

Another reason why they could choose India as a concert venue considering that the BTS has one of the largest fan armies in India who are funnily termed as the desimys!

The huge Indian fan base is creating video edits of them dancing to popular desi songs ranging from Hindi to Telugu, which have become a rage among the BTS fans across the globe.

As of now the South Korean pop sensation  Bangtan Soneoyandan has given us a hint about their 2022 world tour 2022 which includes parts of Asia, America, Europe, Australia, etc.

So all you BTS desimys stay with that hope!

there is no official announcement of BTS coming to India in 2022.26