Biden Likely To Extend The Student Loan Payment Pause

Student Loan Payment Pause Expires in 26 days

Lack of Loan Servicer Communications on Repayment Is Clear Sign That Extension of the Student Loan Payment Pause is Likely

Pressure Campaign to Convince Biden to Extend the Payment Pause is Intensifying

Midterm Elections May Matter For Borrowers Who Want an Extension and Student Loan Forgiveness

Big Changes To Student Loan Repayment and Forgiveness Programs May Still Be A Year Away

Throughout the past six months, the Biden administration has been engaged in negotiated rulemaking, which is a process to overhaul key federal student loan programs.

The administration has been particularly focused on student loan forgiveness programs such as Public Service Loan Forgiveness, and has proposed creating a new income-driven repayment plan, as well.

So what will the Biden administration do? “Clearly a decision will need to be made” on extending the payment pause and providing other student loan relief, said top White House officials last week

While clear signs point to an extension, borrowers continue to wait for something official.