Tucker’s Secret Connection Is Revealed — and Phyllis Has an Eyebrow-Raising Idea for Ashley


At the Abbott mansion, Ashley wants to know why Tucker’s really there. “What are you up to?” Tucker claims he’s just drinking her in and says no secret machinations apply. Ashley finds that hard to believe. He tells her he looked death in the face, and it gave him a new perspective on life. Tucker re-evaluated what he’s accomplished and what he lost — how he wronged her is on the top of his list of regrets and he wants to make things right with her. Tucker tells Ashley he could never shake her. The accident forced him to realize he’d been missing love and the life he had right in front of him and let it slip away. McCall claims he’s a changed man who would never hurt her again. Ashley muses, “Mhmm.” Tucker knows he took her for granted — he lost the best thing that ever happened to him. Ash thinks it must have taken him a while to write this speech. Tucker wants to convince her he’s sincere. Ashley asks, “You think there’s a future for us? Is that what you’re trying to say?”
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At Jabot, Jack tells Phyllis not to try and make the conversation about them. Phyllis gets a call from Nikki asking to meet in Chancellor Park and exits.

In the corridor, Summer arrives and kisses Kyle, who is on his way to meet Diane for lunch. He has a proposal for her later but has to go right now.
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Michael arrives at the ranch, where Victor asks him to find out why Tucker McCall returned to Genoa City. Michael asks what he wants him to dig into. Victor doesn’t trust him and wants to ensure he doesn’t do harm to Ashley or Dominic. Michael wonders what ulterior motives he suspects the man of having. Victor relays that Victoria’s about to claim a big stake in Chancellor-Winters — he fears Tucker’s gotten wind of it. Michael learns Victoria has insider information and gives a disapproving look. He warns Victor this could be flat-out illegal. Victor wants him to guide Victoria. Michael’s uncomfortable with that and can’t counsel her on how to skirt the law. Over scotch, Victor tells Michael he thinks McCall wants to play a hand in the Chancellor-Winters deal. Michael feels it’s unlikely, but Victor argues he’s Katherine’s son and Devon’s father. His motives are personal, and he doesn’t play by the rules. He won’t let anyone interfere with the plans Victoria has for the business.
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In the park, Nikki tells Phyllis that Noah’s former girlfriend Audra Charles used to work for Wild Beauty. She too just showed up in town. They agree it must all lead back to Tucker but need proof. Just then, Nikki gets a call from Noah, who tells her he just ran into his ex at Crimson Lights. Nikki will go see what she can find out from the woman.

At Jabot, Jack tells Summer her mother left for a meeting and had a gleam in her eye. Summer won’t get drawn into the drama and thanks Jack for making the vow renewal so special. Jack tells her she was a lovely bride. Summer thanks him for being the best father to the best partner she could ever have. Jack thinks she deserves credit for making Kyle the fine man he is today. They talk wedding photos until Jack reflects on how long she’s been a part of his life and the joy it brings him to see her and Kyle so happy and in love. They’re welcome to stay at the Abbott mansion as long as they like. Watching them as a family gives him hope for the future.

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At Society, Diane gushes to Kyle about the vow renewal. He mentions he heard a lot of innuendo being thrown around about her past with Tucker — Phyllis seems to think it’s a very current connection. “Please tell me that isn’t true.” Diane insists she’s shocked that the man showed his face in Genoa City again and regrets her past with him. Kyle wanted to come to her first. Diane repeats that she loathes Tucker McCall. Kyle knows enough about him that he doesn’t like the fact that he’s returned.

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley tells Tucker there’s no future for them and calls him out on his timing — it’s almost like he followed Diane back there. Tucker has no interest in revisiting anything with that woman. Ash says if he won’t divulge his true reason for returning, he can go. Tucker’s surprised this is her reaction. He prepared himself for her anger and fury, but not apathy. If she was angry, he’d know she still had feelings for him. He hands over a gift he brought from their time together, but she refuses it. He insists so she keeps it. As Tucker leaves, he asks to speak to her again at some point. Ashley has heard everything she needs to hear. “Goodbye, Tucker.” Once alone, Ashley throws the gift in the trash.
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At Crimson Lights, Nikki approaches Audra, who recognizes her. They make small talk about Noah’s club. Audra reveals she’s doing some consulting work for Chancellor-Winters and says she admires the Newmans. Nikki’s sure she knows more about her family than she does about her. She hopes Audra realizes the importance of keeping the legacy of her dear friend Katherine Chancellor alive. Nikki invites her to sit down and chat. Nikki questions Audra about her switch from art to business. Audra’s parents insisted on a fall-back career. Nikki brings up the non-profit she worked for in London. Audra says that was Wild Beauty. Nikki asks her to tell her a little bit more about it. Audra explains they do wonderful work, but she’s not with them anymore. Nikki asks, “Who funds it?” Audra was never really part of that part of the organization and says she has a meeting to get to. Nikki is sure she’ll cross paths with many business types in town. “Even Tucker McCall has returned. Do you know him?”

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At Society, Abby’s disturbed when Ashley tells her that she met with Tucker. She can’t believe her mother gave him the time of day. Ash assures her she thinks less of him now than she did before. They agree he must have an agenda. Abby wants him as far away from her mother and her family as possible. Nikki and Phyllis appear — they received Ashley’s text to meet. Abby doesn’t even want to know what they’re up to and heads to the kitchen.
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Ashley asks Phyllis and Nikki how it’s going getting Diane out of town — she wants to add Tucker’s name to the list. Nikki and Phyllis let her know they suspect Tucker and Diane are a package deal. They bring her up to speed on all they know so far. Nikki relays that Victor’s team is trying to find more proof and she just had an interesting chat with Audra Charles, who said she knows of Tucker but didn’t know him. Phyllis doesn’t buy it. Ashley argues that McCall may not have a connection to Wild Beauty or Private Image Ltd. Nikki insists they’re close to proving the Diane/Tucker connection they just need the missing piece to the puzzle.

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At Jabot, Diane hopes Kyle understands why she got defensive when he questioned her about Tucker. Kyle reassures her and goes off to meet Summer.

In the park, Summer asks Kyle why he brought her there. He wanted to avoid their parents or other work interruptions. Kyle has finalized their plans for the honeymoon in Costa Rica. Summer tells him he’s the perfect husband. He’s inspired by his perfect wife. They kiss. Kyle has one request. “I was wondering if maybe for the last few days…” Summer interrupts, “We have the nanny bring Harrison down for a fun beach vacation?” She worries that wasn’t what Kyle was going to suggest, but he tells her he had the exact same idea. They feel they’re completely in sync and destined to last forever.

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At Society, Ashley asked what happened to Talia Morgan’s expose on Diane. Phyllis and Nikki explain that someone shut it down. Ashley wonders if Tucker and Diane hooked up after she got to LA or if he knew all along that she staged her death. Ashley questions if they’ll be able to get proof since Victor’s people have come up empty so far. Phyllis complains about her cynicism given they’ve been doing the heavy lifting. Ashley tells her to relax; she’s done some reconnaissance of her own. She met with Tucker and told him she was suspicious of him returning on the heels of Diane. She also told him there was no hope of rekindling a relationship with her. Phyllis says, “Wait,” and tells Ashley she’s their “in”. She wouldn’t be so quick to shut the door on Tucker; if she gets close to him, he may slip up.
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At Jabot, Jack tells Diane that Ashley’s meeting with Tucker to make it clear she’s not interested in him. Diane seems shaken to hear they’re meeting and is sure he must have an agenda. “We can’t trust anything about Tucker McCall.”

Tucker returns to his suite, where Audra is waiting, and asked how things went with his ex. He is patient and is determined to win Ashley back. He asks about Chancellor-Winters. She tells him everything is going relatively smoothly with the preparations for the IPO. He nods, “Good.”

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