The Young and the Restless : Sean Kanan Open to Deacon Sharpe’s Y&R Return on One Condition

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The Little and Restless Robbers (Y&R) point out that Sean Kanan is open to the return of Deacon Sharpe’s Y&R in one case, so let’s talk about the only catch of The Bold and The Beautiful Star.

In an interview with, Kanan discussed every recent Deacon speech in Genoa City.

There is indeed much more now that Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters) has returned from the dead.

The deacon played a vital role in helping Diane to deal with the reality of her death, so that angered people like Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) and Victor Newman (Eric Braeden).

As part of the Deacon in all of this has been mentioned repeatedly, it sounds like a major crossover opportunity.

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A deacon can easily get into this matter and face criticism for his actions over the years.

When asked if it was possible for a Deacon to return to the GC, Canaan stressed that he was determined.

There is only one circumstance – and it includes Canaan’s great love for his present soap house.

Kanan loves working in The Bold and the Beautiful, so he is not willing to trade his role in the B&B he got at Y&R.

The combination of a few episodes is one thing, but Kanan doesn’t want to jump with soap for good!

The situation in Canaan will emerge from Genoa City briefly and return to The Bold and the Beautiful, which sounds reasonable under the circumstances.

The deacon would not have been needed for a long time at GC, so he could just pop up, entertain himself and re-start his usual drama in a fictional version of the Los Angeles B&B.

That could be in line with the various events that have taken place – such as when Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) arrived in town for a short business-related tour.

The Deacon has his unfinished business as no one has been able to deal with him for his part in Diane’s death.

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Would you like to see Sean Kanan repeat his role as Deacon Sharpe in The Young and the Restless?

Although Canaan would like to have a short trip, there will always be excitement.

Diane’s return may halt the Deacon’s return if the two soap operas intend to put the crossover together.

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  1. I like the Diane character, I would love to see her with Jack . I personally liked the last Phyllis better . I would love to see the 2 soaps intertwined. I would put Brooke with Jack . Eric with Ashley , oh Quinn would be a great match with Victor .
    Hunter King a better Summer . I am a day one Y & R fan .


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