The bold and beautiful Donna: Donna Love affairs

Brave and Beautiful Donna The infamous love quadrangle of the show between Eric Forrester, Quinn Forrester, Carter Walton, and Donna Logan continues to take a long, hard time. The destroyer says this love quadrangle is far from over.

We can expect more dramas and stories from this complex relationship. We know that Donna had sent Eric to the brink when he begged her to end her marriage with Quinn and come to her instead.

Donna tried to persuade Eric by trying to deceive him into thinking that his relationship with Quinn was already broken and irreparable. It looks like Donna’s cheating is set back as recent robbers suggest that Eric will eventually try to break up with her. Eric explains that he and Donna should stop seeing each other. He thinks this issue is not right for Quinn.

While Donna remained unbelieving since Quinn was the first to break Eric’s heart and ruin their relationship. From now on, though, it seems Eric will be trying to fix his marriage with Quinn. But it may only be a matter of time before he runs back to Donna again.

Eric obviously has feelings for Donna so it will be hard for him to resist his charms. It is no secret to us that Carter Walton will choose Quinn from any woman.

When Carter finds out about Quinn’s unstable marriage to Eric, she will make sure he informs her that he is waiting for her. Currently, Carter is in Paris Buckingham, planning to stay with him permanently. But if Quinn and Eric decide to end their relationship or take a break, we know Carter will try to win Quinn. Not to mention Quinn and shared feelings of love with Carter.

Both Eric and Quinn seek to save their marriage. Spoilers point out that Eric’s decision to separate from Donna was based on guilt and not on his own desires. Like Quinn, she wants to save her marriage to Eric while she has feelings for Carter. This quadrangle of love is really chaotic.

The robbers say the complex romance quadrangle will change dramatically with Quinn finding a plan for Eric and Donna dating. In any case, the show promises a wonderful drama that we can look forward to. Stay up to date with us so you never miss any updates and bans at the B&B.

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