Phyllis Psych Hospitalization, Jack Softens Toward Diane

The Little and Restless Robbers revealed that Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) had a complete outburst during the most recent episode. Phyllis knew he was out of control and Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) felt powerless. If Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters) finds out she’s really crazy for Phyllis, she can push him to the edge and go straight to the psychiatric ward.

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – Phyllis Summers Spirals

Y&R robbers revealed that Phyllis had been determined to get rid of Diane since she came out alive. Phyllis thought Diane would stay in Los Angeles but closed her eyes when the robber arrived in Genoa City. Not only did Diane arrive in town but she also moved into Phyllis’ hotel, Grand Phoenix.

Phyllis has always wanted Diane out of town. However, Diane refused to leave until she received a reply from Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor). When Kyle decided to give his mom a chance, Phyllis was devastated.

Y&R Spoilers – Jack Abbott’s Heartache

Phyllis rushed to Abbott manse to talk to Jack. While Jack remained cool, calm, and collected, Phyllis yelled and yelled. Phyllis was coming out so badly that she looked like she was going to fall or have a heart attack.

It was clear that Jack’s heart ached for Phyllis as he watched her breathe heavily and scream at Diane. Phyllis knew she was blowing and finally, she calmed down.

Young And The Restless Spoilers – Diane Jenkins Seizes Opportunity
The young and restless robbers point out that Phyllis may have slipped, but she does not stop removing Diane. In fact, Phyllis hires Summer Newman-Abbott (Allison Lanier) to help out with the plan to eliminate Diane. At that moment, Kyle tells Jack about Diane’s new temporary residence.

When Diane learns that Phyllis is mentally mature, she can apply that. Diane probably realizes that if she can get Phyllis out of the way for a while, she can get closer to Kyle and Jack. Diane might enlighten Phyllis. Maybe he will even start distractions to make others think that Phyllis is losing her mind.

Yes, Diane will make sure she doesn’t get caught up in Phyllis’ insanity. At some point, Phyllis’ loved ones will be forced to step in.

Y&R Spoilers – Psychiatric Hospital

If Diane’s plan works and Phyllis is sent to a psychiatric hospital, that will give the perpetrator a chance to open up. Jack and Kyle will think that Diane is the healthy dynamic. Diane was even able to sympathize with her and try to support Phyllis’ recovery. Of course, with Phyllis gone, Jack will feel lonely again.

It has been rumored that the author of the Soap Opera Digest said that Diane could lead Kyle and Jack. So, what happened when Phyllis was released and found Diane had already moved in with Jack?

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9 thoughts on “Phyllis Psych Hospitalization, Jack Softens Toward Diane”

  1. Your are making Jack look like an idiot. We are tired of Phyllis always losing. I am so done with this story line.

    • Phyllis is always winning I don’t know what young and the restless you’ve been watching but she has always been a villain and she always gets away with everything including murdered a doctor that had the goods on her. With the help of Michael Baldwin’s brother she got away with it .

    • Me too. I wanted this happy ending for Phyllis and Jack, they deserve it. Diane should have never been brought back. If it keeps going me and everyone I know will be done with this show and I have watched it for year’s and years.

  2. I do not like that Phyllis and Jack are rekindling their romance. Michelle Stanford should be with Joshua Marrow(Nick) they sizzle on y and r. Michelle Stanford would be smart to leave Young and the Restless and go back to General Hospital as Nina Reeves. She and Maurice Bernard would be awesome on General Hospital.

  3. Dianne needs to be gone, please let her slip up and get caught, and be gone. I don’t like Phyllis but she needs a break.Pleaseee.

  4. Please don’t put Diane and Jack together. I will stop watching. I’m really sick of alot of these storylines anyway, putting them together will be the icing on the cake. DONE.

  5. Will Nicholas and Sharon get back together or is there another female coming into the story an old flame of Nicholas


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