General Hospital LEAK: Brenda Barrett Returns – Will She Split Sonny & Nina?

Leaked General Hospital jokes mock Brenda Barrett’s return to Post Charles later this summer – has Vanessa Marcil finally returned to GH? Some robbers point out that way and may cause trouble for the few Corinthian men.

General Hospital LEAK: Brenda Barrett Returns – Will Sonny Corinthos Run For Her?

It’s been a minute since Brenda Barrett was in Port Chuck but ABC soap fans are thrilled when Marcil comments on the return. He did it many times and made the fans all work but to no avail.

In this case, however, we have received internal information from Party Will in the Willy & Cassie Podcast. She only told Soap Dirt that she had confirmed that Brenda was coming to the main hospital with a big comeback,

Right now, if you look at the social media platform, Vanessa Marcil is in an unusual place. But a holiday break in taking GH, so that means nothing. Considering that Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) is single, can we see them together?

Now, Sonny’s drawn to Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros), but they’ve not shared the sheets lately. But that could change. Next week, watch as Nina goes missing and Sonny’s frantic. But if Brenda Barrett returns, could his eye turn her way?

Is Vanessa Marcil Already on GH Set?

Will told us that Marcil’s already visited the set and should have Summer and Fall scenes on General Hospital. A recent GH spoiler has a blast from Dante Falconeri’s (Dominic Zamprogna) causing problems.
Right now, he’s smitten with Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) but if Brenda’s back, that could be a problem. Of course, most fans hope the complication is about his comatose ex-wife, Lulu Spencer (Emme Rylan).

When was the Last Time Brenda was on General Hospital?

It’s been nine years since Brenda was last on General Hospital. Back then, Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) accused Brenda of sleeping with Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) after the Nurse’s Ball. She insisted she just let a drunk Mikey sleep it off in her room.

Later, though, there was a weird scene where Michael seemed to have a different recollection. As Brenda Barrett left town, she asked Sonny to come with her to start a new life far from Port Charles. They shared a steamy kiss then she boarded a plane.

She also had a strange recall in her last General Hospital scenes so there was a gray area about exactly what happened with her and Michael. Now, he’s vowed to take everything from his father. Will he invite Brenda to return to take him from Nina?

Or will she be back as part of one of the larger plots brewing? We’ll have to see. But our reliable source tells us to expect Brenda Barrett back for some huge drama in the next few months on GH.

36 thoughts on “General Hospital LEAK: Brenda Barrett Returns – Will She Split Sonny & Nina?”

  1. Sonny’s weakest women were Carly and Brenda. Now I would love to see Sonny get his family on track, to become a strong family and to be able to do that, you all have to be on the same page, a united front. When you bring Nelle back, Nina’s gonna feel some kind of way because Brenda helped Michael get his family back. But wait until Carly finally tells Willow , Nina is her biological mother, and Nelle is her twin. Michael is gonna wanna know how long did you know? Now Willow is pregnant. Now Nina wants a relationship with her daughter, her grandson , and now she just found out she’s pregnant. Mama Nina emotions are all over the place, now guess what why not make Carly, and Nina both pregnant . NINA, always ♥️ wanted a baby why not give her what she wants. It would be a storyline unexpected but definitely keep your fans on the edge of your seat. I know i”d be there. Regardless Sonny is a great father, he’s not a deadbeat dad, but let’s get him back on his meds, get him regulated so he can focus an deal what is about to come. I can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen. I hope you like my suggestions. I sent you an email about bringing back Steve Burton (Jason) now if Jason was alive can you imagine how he could keep things soooo calm between these two ladies, or potential pregnant ladies. Give this some thought.
    Devoted Fan
    Mary Norman
    Navarre, Florida

    • I hope you don’t make Nina pregnant and she has no business with Sonny put her ass back with Valentine, he still wants her and they are better together than her and Sonny, put Sonny back with Carly, bring Jason back so she can get with Jason, Brenda and Jason were married.

    • Nina can’t have anymore children, Thank God & both are too old to be having babies. I hope Brenda does what Carly won’t do; get Sonny away from Nina

    • I also don’t like the idea of Sonny & Nina together,Put Sonny back with Carly and Nina back with Valentine,and make the whole Sonny & Nina thing a dream that Nina is having. And for pete’s sake bring Jason (Steve Burton) back .He kept everyone in line. And if Brenda comes back pair her up with someone new,Jason belongs with Sam & Dante belongs with Lulu

    • Please no babies for carly and nina. They are women of a certain (age). You know they are not in their (40’s) because everyone is getting older. Look how the storyline with carly when she was pregnant with Donna? She was afraid that the baby was going to have some kind of mental problem’s etc. So noooo! More pregnancy storyline for carly or nina. Look at olivia with Leo he is autistic. Look at sasha she thought she would have a beautiful bouncy baby boy, and she is younger than both carly and nina.instead of pregnancy have someone start drinking or something else.

  2. I would love to see Brenda back on GH. I am a huge fan of Vanessa Marcil. I can’t stand Nina. So please let this be true!!!

      • Are you out of your mind? That was the worst pairing ever!!!! I hope they put her back with Val. Vanessa coming back is awesome. I hope we finally get some good stories. The writers have a bad habit of drawing out storylines that got boring. I said in a previous post that it seems like Steve has moved on to be on another soap. Good luck to him. Don’t replace him, put a new actor as his second in command, but not Jason. Let a new actor step in to help Sonny, a new part.

        • Nothing like 3 women fighting over a man, how archaic!!! Nina is doing her job well being the baddest B*tch in town that’s why I stopped watching. I just happened to read these posts cause I finally had some me time to squander. Bring Brenda back! Sonny is getting off easy, let her shake EVERYTHI NG UP! AND see that he really needs his Meds! I know we all love the original Jason but I’m certain u all can find a duplicate not just a look-alike! Just let Nelle stay dead and see how a Nina&Willow relationship might go. Go for some real drama and keep Carly as a no-nonsense B to be reckoned with. She took on the Mob when Sonny lost his memory (hated that storyline) so why make her so docile now???!!!!

      • No, woman try to destroy willow, from the beginning, without Sonny or Michael,or Wiley,or Carly, you have to be a friend or relative, I have talk to anyone that with go give her a pass

      • Brenda is the most beautiful woman in the world! A great actress and natural personality and her clothing…. She is the best and can’t wait to see her again!!
        She could save this show and it’s awful, inconsistent writing!!
        He always leaves me in the rain………. That scene is amazing!!

  3. Do not let Sonny get with Nina…. Carly & Sonny belong together forever and yes Carly should have one more child by Sonny, this time a son. Nina can kick rocks and should never be able to develop a relationship with Willow or Wiley ever.

  4. Do NOT make Nina or Carly pregnant, NO WAY! Get Sonny back with Brenda, if anyone should be pregnant it should be Brenda with Sonny’s baby, but that wouldn’t be great either. I do like the idea of Willow being pregnant, that’s a great storyline. Let Nina be able to see her grandson, but she shouldn’t be able to fill this poor kids mind with wonderful what is about Nelle! She was a terrible person, and never sorry for a single horrible person she was. I do think Nina, and Valentine would be good together, I do not like her with Sonny’s at all.I definitely like the Sonny’s, and Brenda story of them back together as a couple, and see her, and Carly get along, and both dislike Nina for what she did to Sonny’s. Now I wouldn’t make Brenda, and Carly BFF’s, but I would get them to be cordial, and both dislike Nina!

  5. Please bring Jason back ( Steven Burton ) He’s the best!! Also Jack’s was also railroaded What a shame great actors & now some of these new actors/actresses really are soo bad it could ruin General Hospital

  6. Would love Brenda to come back stir things up, pushing Nina to Valentin. Nina n Valentin have a passionate night and then become pregnant.Then realize he is meant for Carly but she has moved on to Drew. Bring Jason back and he was in the park and runs into Britt. Brits man is back but will she take him back so sending him packing. Will soon do anything to try to get Carly back?

  7. Geez! Doesn’t Sonny have enough kids?!? Secret kid between Michael and Brenda would blow up Sonny, Carly and Brenda. Kid with Willow will blow up Nina. Jason(Steve B or another) impregnated Britt……she didn’t notice for months due to her disease….but baby doesn’t carry gene……blow up Carly, Britt, Scotty and Liesel!

  8. NOT A Brenda or Nina Fan. Esma and Nicolas is kind of pedophile and gross. AVA and Victor would be good. DOES Ava get to keep all of Nicolas’s money. From the prenup??prenuptial??? AND control of Spencer’s trust fund ?


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