Band and String Technique Set to Movie Soundtracks

Engage your beginning and intermediate bands, orchestras, and individual students with a variety of exercises covering fundamentals, technique, and warm-ups, all paired with exciting movie soundtracks. These innovative exercises are written by Brian Balmages with audio production by Fred Flowerday.

New series are released throughout the year. Check back often!

Featuring soundtracks from Star Wars, Harry Potter, Godzilla vs. Kong, Aquaman, Batman, Wonka and more!

Featuring music from Meg 2: The Trench

Featuring soundtracks from The Polar Express, Elf, Jack Frost, 8-Bit Christmas, and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Featuring soundtracks from The Nun II, It, Beetlejuice, Dark Shadows, Doctor Sleep, and Joker

Experience Foundations in MakeMusic Cloud

Use these multi-level exercises for at-home practice or in class with free printable PDFs. Playing with movie soundtrack accompaniments make even the most fundamental exercises fun, no matter the ability level.

The Foundations series covers all of these skills and more!

  • long tones
  • first notes
  • slurs
  • interval slurs
  • accents
  • articulation studies
  • intonation
  • flow studies
  • natural minor intervals and scales
  • finger twisters
  • eighth rests on the beat
  • 6/8 time

  • four on a hand
  • double sticking
  • alternate sticking
  • paradiddles
  • multiple bounce strokes
  • flams
  • flam taps
  • flamacues
  • flam paradiddles
  • eight on a hand
  • rolls
  • double paradiddles

  • open strings
  • tuning notes to open strings
  • D, A, and G tetrachords
  • crossing strings
  • bow lifts
  • slurs / slurring across strings
  • bow studies
  • accents
  • harmonics
  • H3 and extensions
  • chromatic fingerings
  • 6/8 time